Jahoo! I’m Michelle and welcome to my blog!
Let me start at the beginning: Many years ago my ancestors took the boat all the way from India to travel to Suriname to work there. My parents took that same boat, I don’t think it’s the same one actually, to travel to the Netherlands and that’s where I was born 19 years ago.
At the moment I’m very busy studying medicines, learning how to drive, setting up a symposium with a commission, creating an Almanac with another commission, hanging out with my lovely family and friends, making sure I present myself the way I want to, partying in between, almost always listening to music, observing people, drinking coffee, taking long walks to nowhere, baking cakes, cookies and everything else sweet, reading books, dancing, drinking tea, watching anime, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese drama, doing an awfully lot of Facebook-stalking and I always end the day with sleeping.

Are you after all of this still interested in my blog? Congratulations!
You’re welcome to visit my Secret Little Paradise!


4 thoughts on “About

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  3. My parents couldn’t get to the docks, so for better or worse I am still in India :P
    You seem to do a lot of things, so I guess you have plenty to write about, which is in stark contrast to me.
    Hope to read some more soon.

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