Food Diary: 16th of February, 2012

At the moment I’m quite busy with a lot of things, which doesn’t allow me to blog as much as I want to. Still I’d like to keep at least my food diaries up-to-date. The rest of my stories will come later, of that I can be sure.

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with tuna salad and cucumber slices
– A slice of ready-made ontbijtkoek with fruit. Some people distributed this at the subway station, probably as a promotion, because the package also says ‘NEW’, and I don’t see any other reason for them to give away free food anyway. I don’t believe it to be all that ‘new’ actually, because I’d already eaten it some time ago. According to the package it contains 25% of 8 daily required vitamines and minerals.
And 196 kcal.
– A casserole with broccoli, tuna, potato and tomato. This is the last day I’m going to eat this casserole, I swear, I’m sick of it eating it three days in a row. Only because it was a waste to just throw it away, but still, no matter how much I love it, three days in a row is just too much.
– A bowl of low-fat yogurt with peach
– One mini-baguette with crab salad and lettuce
– Three puffed rice cakes

– Coffee with a dash of soy milk and a sweetener
– Five mugs of açai green tea


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