SLP 4: I am loved

Today I went for a quick visit in my new room. I felt the tears in my eyes as I was staring outside the window; this is going to be my new life.
After the visit, when just walking around, I started to run and jump up and down. I felt like flying! I felt great! I felt awesome! I felt alive!
Textmessage from a friend: “Mich, we really have to stay friends forever!”
She was drinking tea at a cute shop while studying and was feeling very zen and cool and knew that I’d understand just exactly how she felt. It feels amazing that a person could have such lovely thoughts about me! I love her, we are we.
Twirling in my room, pretending it’s summer and I’m picnicking in the park with friends. Afterwards when quietly sitting down again and continuing my studies I suddenly see a rainbow outside my window. Though the two happenings might seem to have nothing to do with each other, when seeing the rainbow I started to think back about my worries what could happen when I’m moving out and I’ll be living on my own and I believe this to be a sign that everything is going to be alright.
My lovely parents already went to my room today themselves, because I couldn’t come with them, for I have a test to prepare for. They already did some of the preparations it and did a lot of grocery shopping for me so I wouldn’t have to do it myself anymore. They’re just so so lovely.

My brother gave me a mug where you can put fresh tea leaves in. It has cats on it! I have a special connection with cats: 1. My parents sometimes call me ‘cat’, as I sometimes have the bitchy attitude of one. In my new room they won’t be there anymore to call me by that nickname. 2. Besides that I can sometimes be bitchy, I love to cuddle too, which is another cat-like feature of me. I think that should I be reborn as an animal, or if I’d ever turn into an animal, I’d like to turn into a cat! 3. Do you remember I cosplayed as Hello Kitty when I went to Tsunacon? It’s an animecon that was held in the Netherlands a few months ago. Yes, the cat really is perfect for me!
Did I mention I’m surrounded by the most wonderful people?


My Chai Tea Latte

Ever since my niece started to update her Facebook statuses continually with “drinking ‘Chai Tea Latte’ at Starbucks”, I got curious about it. Of course, as if it’s meant to be, there’s no Starbucks in Rotterdam and even if there was one I’m not sure if I’d be willing to pay €4, -something- just for tea. Or €3,-? I’ve no idea what the price for ‘Chai Tea Latte’ is at Starbucks, but since I am familiar with the amount they ask for coffee and frappuccino I suppose it to be too expensive anyway. Luckily we have another shop here that has not necessarily everything you need, but at least everything I want, except for clothes, and there I managed to find tea bags of ‘chai tea’! Not that I was searching for them, honestly. It was cheap and for sale, so with my niece’s Facebook statuses in mind, how I could I resist buying them?
Dutch people, visit the Xenos! They have everything, it’s cheap and their stuff makes you (me) happy!


  • 250 ml Boiling hot water
  • One tea bag of chai tea
  • A dash of (soy) milk)
  • A teaspoon of honey


  • Bring water to boil in a kettle and pour it in a mug
  • Put the tea bag in it and leave it for as long as you’d like
  • Add the (soy) milk and the honey
  • Stir

To be honest no matter how addicted I’m becoming to this tea, I think my favorite one is still açai green tea. I’m sorry chai tea latte, you’ve lost this battle.