Hello New Life!

In one week my whole life has changed. This was the week I got my propaedeutics, I visited a room and I actually got chosen for the room! I’M MOVING OUT, PEOPLE! I’m going to live in Rotterdam from now on! This Thursday I’m going to sign the rental contract and since that moment I’m not living with my parents anymore, but I’ll be on my own. I’ve imagined this moment for so many times and now that it’s actually happening I can’t really believe it. It’s all going so fast!
But I’m happy, I really am, because these events have showed me just how lovely my friends are and how lovely it is to share happiness with others, how amazing it is to feel yourself shine and see that it’s affecting others too. AND I’M EXCITED! Me, a 19-year old short girl who has lived with her parents her whole life, who was never allowed to go on sleepovers, is actually finally moving out. Even before her older brothers are, even before she’s married or has a boyfriend; these are the scenarios I’d only dreamed of and now it’s actually happening. I still can’t believe it. Even when writing this post my mind feels like ‘durrrr’ and I have weird look on my face that says ‘To smile, or not to smile? To be confused or not to be confused? Is this realityyyyy??’, I bet you can imagine it’s not my prettiest look. (Or you can’t, since I’ve never posted a picture of myself on here before! Ha! Gotcha!)

Let me end this wacko, perhaps confusing and chaotic, but uttermost happy post with some Queen!
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? –  You tell me!


Food Diary: 22nd of March, 2012

‘Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner and dinner as a beggar.’
– Dream High

With this quote from one of my favorite Korean drama’s in mind I started my day with a huge queen-size breakfast. I doubt I’ll live up to the rest of the quote too though… But it’s said that if you eat a big breakfast in the morning that you’ll have more energy to start the day and you’re automatically less hungry the rest of the day right? So maybe unconsciously I will eat my ‘lunch like a commoner’ and my ‘dinner as a beggar’!

Queen breakfast:
– A croque monsier made with one slice of white bread with low-fat cheese
– A bowl of low-fat yogurt with peach and muesli with raisins and apple
– One ‘Jia You!’-chocolate
Queen food the rest of the day:
– Fried rice with egg
– An apple
– One cranberry-chocolate cupcake
– Tuna spaghetti
– One slice of toast with one half with low-cheese and the other half with pineapple jam
– One mini-baguette with Dutch metworst 

Queen drinks:
– One mug of café au lait with regular milk and honey
– Five mugs of rooibos honey tea