SLP 3: See beauty, feel beauty, be beauty


Got a call and now I’ve been choosed for the room! I’m moving out! What I like about this, is that my new roommate could have chosen others beside me, but still choose me! Wow, I’m incredibly happy! Now my whole life is going to change! I’m going to be a Rotterdammer!!
I got my propeadeutics! I studied so hard for the final test and I’d been stressing out a lot, but in the end it was all worth it! Now I can’t get kicked out of this study anymore! I’m a medschool student!
My parents who hugged and congratulated me when they heard the two big things in my life.
A phonecall from a friend who stayed up with me in the middle of the night who actually wanted to talk about her worries, but still let me blab about my happiness first, because I was so excited and because she loves me she was excited for me.
Breakfast with a lovely friend who is one of the most sweetest and kindest people I know. I love how people can be so happy for you, just because they care so much.
Dancing at a party with friends. When I signed my rental contract for my new room that morning I felt like crying. I’d felt like that for almost the whole day until that night when my friends and I went out for a party and we just started to dance. It felt so good to just dance and not think about anything, not care about anything. Some times it felt like the time had stopped for a second and then started again. It felt really good.
Or I was just a bit tipsy and that’s why I felt a couple of times like time had stopped. Either way I felt awesome!
I didn’t know what colour to choose to paint the walls of my new room with, so I just went to the store to decide on the spot. There I discovered a colour called ‘beauty’, which was a very light shade of pink. Normally I’m not too fond of pink and also my mother started to laugh at me when she saw the colour I’d chosen, but this time it was different. I choose it because of the name and not necessarily because of the colour. This colour ‘beauty’ describes perfectly how I want to live my life; with beauty. See beauty, feel beauty, be beauty. 


Have a Mellow Morning!

Usually I have to buy this coffee for 2 euro’s and 40 cents at the Douwe Egberts Cafe at our faculty, which I find quite expensive. Then what to do? Just not drink it and keep dreaming about Mellow Morning? Are you kidding me?? If it’s too expensive to buy, then I’ll just make it on my own! It’s not even that ‘special’ in my opinion, so I don’t quite understand the high price at that cafe. My homemade tastes better anyway, so there.


  • 250 ml soy milk. Normally ‘Mellow Morning’ is made with regular cow milk, but since I’m lactose intolerant I use soy milk instead.
  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Heat the milk in a mug in a microwave or in a pan on a stove. Soy milk has a lower heating point than regular cow milk so don’t lose sight of it if it’s your first time heating it. Stop heating it as soon as it starts to boil. You may have to remove a layer of cream that has arisen on the milk.
  • Add the instant coffee and the honey.
  • Stir
  • Have a taste of royal bliss and enjoy your homemade Mellow Morning!

Disclaimer: I wish I’d been the one who had made this lovely latte art, but sadly the credits go to the barista at Doppio, a coffee cafe that’s close to our faculty that I sometimes visit with friends. I had this white chocolate cappuccino some time ago and though I don’t always see the barista adding latte art into coffee he does do it always when I order some. A new way of flirting perhaps? Well, it works for me!