A girl from my studies complemented me on my DOMO-bag and said that I always carried ‘gadgets’, by which she probably meant that I own some cute and different stuff that isn’t mainstream. I’m happy how she notices me and my style and how both are appreciated.

Usually I really really really dislike bad weather, but this time it felt so lovely and amazing to just walk carelessly in the rain, while sipping on my café au lait without an umbrella. I felt awesome!

Getting a call from the ‘stranger’ met on the streets. It was so nice to talk to him again, for some reason I don’t have to put any effort in connecting with him and the conversation just flowed. He actually called to invite me for a job interview and as I’m not interested in the job itself, but I am in seeing him again, we’re going to meet today. I hope we can become friends, I think I’d like that.

Hanging out with a friend and feeling that everything was perfect. I didn’t feel very well for the past few weeks, but that Thursday it felt like everything was suddenly okay. More than okay even. I won’t tread too much into detail, because I can’t really explain it very well, but don’t you ever have that feeling that just being with someone makes you feel like all is just, perfect?

I got invited to visit a room where the roommate had to choose another roommate (I don’t know how it’s called in English, but it’s kind of like a job interview, but different) and when I told my friend about it, she immediately said I didn’t have to worry about getting the room, because I’m always spontaneous and enthusiastic about things. I’m happy that’s the way people view me! I’d always thought that I’m unnoticed, but when people say these kind of things about me, it shows that they do notice me and that they like what they see.

After quite a long time I finally felt strong enough to solve a certain issue, instead of running away from it hoping it would solve itself, like I’d done for the past time. The issue involved a guy and our not-so-or-maybe-yes-relationship we’ve had for more than half a year, but now we’ve finally actually talked it out and I finally said what I had to say. It feels good to know where we stand, because now I can finally move on. Like he said, who knows what the future may have in store for us? For now I’ll just accept it for what it is and I believe that I’ve finally done the right thing.


My Happy Week is My SLP: 1

As an addition to this post, I started to think about ways to capture my happy moments of each day. The first option that came in mind was to carry around a ‘Happy Notebook’, but I don’t actually think I’d write in it everyday, since I’m a very lazy girl and I’d probably find it too bothersome.
So if I wasn’t planning on capturing my happy moments each day, then maybe it would be possible for me to reflect on a past week to see what were my happiest moments in them. Perhaps I’d forget a whole lot of happy moments, but I suppose I’d remember the most important ones; the ones that made me the most happy!
My Happy Week: 02/04 – 08/04

  • 02/04 Getting a call from a not-so-stranger-anymore who wanted to help me telling my story about losing a loved one. He showed how he cared and just that coming from a random stranger who had no reason whatsoever to care about me, a person he’d never met before, gave me so much consolation.
  • 03/04 Meeting a random stranger on the streets who was shining while sharing his enthusiasm when he talked about what he considered important. He was really nice and I’m happy that my affection towards him wasn’t one-sided.
  • 04/04 Meeting the niece of a girl I once called my best friend before we grew apart about five years ago. Talking and playing with her was lovely and though it wasn’t for long it was so much fun! It was special, I can’t say more about it, but it just was.

When writing this post I actually came up with many more happy moments, but I didn’t want this post to be tedious so I decided to share only my most important and happiest moments with you.
If you want to know more, feel free to post a comment and I’ll be glad to answer it :).

These little moments of happiness are actually also secret little paradises to me as it are small moments, but can totally make my day and they’re moments I don’t tell the whole world about. Or well I do, by blogging about it, but in real life I do keep some of them as a secret. Therefore I’d like to rename this post and for further notice I’d like to call it a ‘Secret Little Paradise’ instead of ‘My Happy Week’, or in short ‘SLP’.

Food Diary: 3rd of April, 2012

Maybe I should keep a ‘Happy Notebook’ as I’m the kind of person who gets her happiness from all the little things that happen in life. Just like this morning there was a random stranger who approached me, because he was acquiring people for some good cause. I wasn’t interested in the cause, but because apparently he liked me and thought I was cute, but also a bit keen and sharp-witted, he offered me a job instead. His enthusiasm was very contagious, so I became happy as well and gave him my phone number. I don’t think I’d like to do that kind of job, but because this guy was really nice and I already declined helping him with cause, I just couldn’t say no to the offer. In short: It was so cool how enthusiastic, and not in a fake way, this guy could talk about what he found important. I really like it if people can be so impassioned that way; he was shining! I must admit, I’m not always nice to those people who are standing on the streets trying to find people to acquire them for a good cause, but with this guy I just couldn’t get irritated.
He really made my day and my day was only just beginning!

– One slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with metworst
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with ham, low-fat cheese and lettuce
Ben&Jerry: Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. I’m not sure if these kinds of promotion exist in other countries besides the Netherlands too, but the deal was this: With a link on Facebook you could vote if Ben&Jerry’s would come to your city to distribute free ice cream and they’d come to the ten cities with the most votes. After sharing that message on my own Facebookaccount and encouraging friends to vote for it, the town where I study was included in the top ten! Coincidentally my hometown was also included in the top ten, but as I was studying today at my faculty I decided I’d just go for some ice cream after my studies with friends there. Can you believe it was actually the second time in my whole life that I’d eaten Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Shame on me, I know. The previous time I had ‘Cookie Dough’, but I have to say that this Chocolate Fudge Brownie is so much better.
– A half roti and a bit of rice with masala eggplant, chicken and potatoes
– One slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with a mix of dark and white chocolate sprinkles
– A bowl of yogurt with peach and muesli with raisins and apple

– One mug of cafe au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– One cup of hot chocolate
– One glass of clear lemonade, grenadine flavor
– Two mugs of Japanese cherry green tea