SLP 5: A Cup of Cake

Reading a blog from a girl who expresses herself the way I wish I could. It’s  nice to read how someone can still express herself so deeply, while I still seem to struggle with it. She inspires me to keep trying until I am able to. Thank you, Eleanor.
Little girl in the train while I was travelling to my room to spend the night there for the first time. Her mother was too busy playing with her phone so the girl drew all her attention to me, who was sitting diagonally behind her and did about everything to draw my attention to her. She succeeded, easily.
My mother who came to visit me in my room and not only we did some grocery shopping together, before I went to make my exam, but also when I came back she surprised me with preparing one of my favorite vegetables: broccoli and tofu, which I love to eat too, but because my siblings and parents aren’t too fond of we don’t eat it a lot at home. Now I’ve moved out I can eat as much tofu as I want!
After I found out there was something wrong with my connection to the internet I was actually pretty bummed out. Then I found how peaceful it actually was. I felt incredibly zen~.
My brother who texted me good night just when I was preparing to go to bed too. I’d like to call this serendipity.
Guy who was walking behind me with a trolley and though I didn’t know the guy at all he acted like he was ‘The monster on wheels’ and joked around with me. He was so funny!
My friends who came to visit me and we had an improvisation house warming at my new place. Their presence made the place feel a little more like home to me.
My wonderful parents and brothers who worked their ass of helping me with decorating my room, which include putting all of the IKEA furniture together. I was so tired, but so satisfied and happy at the same time.


Food Diary: 25th of March, 2012

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with sardines in tomato sauce and lemon chutney
– A cranberry-chocolate cupcake
– One half of a whole-wheat mini-baguette with ham
– One half of a whole-wheat mini-baguette with tuna salad
– A bowl of mixed salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and lemon juice
– One slice of whole-wheat bread with a mix of dark and white chocolate sprinkles

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and honey
– Three mugs of Japanese cherry green tea

Food Diary: 14th of February, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Though I don’t value Valentine’s Day too much, and I just see it as any other day, I did grab this chance to surprise my loved ones with some chocolate! My mother was the first one to receive bonbons from me, which I made at the chocolate workshop at Tsunacon. I also gave my father a bonbon I made at the same workshop and I gave my brothers Pocky I had bought at the oriental shop yesterday. Like I wrote before: It’s not about the money, it’s the thought that counts! So even if I get them something cheap, when I wrap it up nicely, surprise them with it and show them I care about them, they’ll appreciate my intention anyway. I think my mother was right when she said: ‘It’s Michelle’s ability to make something special of something simple.’

How much chocolate shall I eat today… ~

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
For lunch I prepared myself:
– Three slices of whole-wheat bread with ham, fatless cheese and slices of cucumber
For lunch I actually ate:
– One slice of whole-wheat bread with ham, fatless cheese and slices of cucumber
– A cupcake from Ten to Three Bakery
My friend got me a chocolate cream cheese cupcake for Valentine’s Day. It looks like the one at the bottom left, but than in a bigger size. It had hearts on top of it! Do you see? Hearts!

– A bowl of ‘Sui Kau’ soup
After that:
– A casserole with broccoli, tuna, potato and tomato
– A bowl of non-fat yogurt with peach
– Mixed salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado and lemon juice

– A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener
For lunch I prepared myself:
– Two little packets of multi fruit juice
For lunch I actually drank:
– One little packet of multi fruit juice
– A cup of regular tea with sugar. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had regular English black tea!
– Chinese Ice tea. It was my first time drinking Chinese Ice tea and I liked it! It’s really sweet, but hey, I like sweet!
After that:
– Four mugs of açai green tea
– A glass of orange juice

Remember how I wrote before that the plan for today was to go to a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a long time? Well that plan failed, because the price for the tickets suddenly turned out to be twice as high, apparently we had to make reservations and well, because another friend already managed to download this movie for me I thought it would be a waste of money to still go watch that movie in the Public Library of Amsterdam.
What do you think I did then? Sleep? Study? No! My friend and I visited the Hague and went grocery shopping, which I love to do, in an oriental shop and we went for lunch to Fat Kee, a Chinese restaurant. This is why I didn’t finish my lunch I’d brought with me today, because I was already full of the soup I had at the restaurant. It was a soup with shrimp dumplings in it! The last time I’d eaten dumplings was when I was in China last summer, so I’m happy to have eaten those again. The soup was very light, so perfect to eat for lunch.

For Valentine I also gave one of my friends a Hello Kitty surprise egg and another friend a self made collage of fashion blogger Shini Park, who we adore. That same collage is also hanging in my room at the moment.

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