Food Diary: 11th of April, 2012

I always like to relax after having an exam with some friends, so that’s what we did after making the exam we had this morning. We’d planned to go on a picnic, but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow us to do so, so we stayed inside. Luckily we had cookies and lovely friends to share this day with!

– Four slices of whole-wheat bread with ham and cumin cheese
– One raisin-lemon cookie
– One sprits. It’s a Dutch kind of cookie, that’s originally from Germany.
– Rice with beans and yard long beans
– Rice porridge. Homemade by moi yesterday. As if I didn’t have enough rice for dinner already. But hey, it’s sweet! I like sweet, so that’s a good thing!

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– One little package of multi fruit juice
– One cup of café au lait
– Two mugs of tropical fruit tea