Food Diary: 9th of April, 2012

After having some good conversations with my brother and both my parents I decided that right now I actually have nothing to worry about. I was stressing out for the past couple of days, because of a test I have this Wednesday, and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I felt so stupid that I couldn’t remember anything I read… Al the time I’d invested was for nothing! Now I realize that it doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t worry too much about failing this test. Perhaps I’ll fail it, oh no wait, probably I’ll fail it! But who cares? I have many chances to make up for it, so why worry?
With this thought in mind I started my Easter with sleeping in until late and having a huge breakfast with my family. Perhaps I’ll watch some Korean drama, and maybe I’ll get to my studies later on. Maybe? Probably? Ah well, we’ll see. It’ll all be fine.

– One mini-baguette with pom and slices of cucumber
– Low-fat yogurt with peach, muesli with raisins and apple and mixed fruit cocktail
– Fried rice with chicken and gado gado
– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with mustard cheese
– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with metworst

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– Two mugs of Japanese cherry green tea
– One glass of mango-soursop juice
– Two mugs of hot chocolate made with regular milk, dark chocolate cubes and a sweetener.


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