Food Diary: 5th of April, 2012

Sorry that you guys have to read about me whining so often, but I just can’t help it. Also today I feel like crap and I’m tired. My schedule is almost the same as yesterday: Studying, eating, studying, not studying, not studying, eating, studying, sleeping, replay. But today I’ll be eating out with my committee I’m setting up a symposium with. It’ll be fun! Or something. Yeah whatever.

– One bowl of low-fat yogurt with peach and muesli with raisins and apple
– Two slices of ontbijtkoek
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with strawberry-guava jam
As I mentioned I went with the committee out for dinner which we had at Papaya, an Indonesian restaurant in Rotterdam. It was my first time going to this restaurant and I was very curious as to what they had on their menu. Before I went I’d already explored it online, because I’m the kind of person who takes a lot of time deciding what to eat and I didn’t want people to wait for me this time. I ordered white rice with:
Udang Boemboe Bali; Shrimps in a light spicy sauce.
Brengkesan Ikan; Grilled mackerel filet in a spicy ginger sauce wrapped in a banana leaf. My parents always talk about how the street food in Suriname used to be served wrapped in a banana leaf and how the aroma of the leaf gave a special taste to the food. So when I saw this dish on the menu I had to order it to experience it myself, for the first time actually. It was delicious! The fish was very soft and oh, it was just delicious! It’s settled: I should eat food in a banana leaf more often, yes yes.
Teroeng mix; A mix of eggplant and zucchini in a light spicy sambal sauce.
–  A slice of lapis legit. This was served with the café au lait I’d ordered.
Also at home the food party continued! My mother had brought a freshly baked bread, of which I don’t know the name, but it’s a kind of white bread and I ate
– Two slices with metworst

– One mug of cafe au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– One cup of hot chocolate; free coffeemachine, I love you
– One glass of ice tea from restaurant Papaya
– One café au lait from restaurant Papaya
– Two mugs of Japanese cherry green tea


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