Food Diary: 1st of April, 2012

It’s April Fools’ Day today! Who are you going to play a prank on?
Inspire me! I’ve yet to figure out how to celebrate this day!

 My Sunday noon: Studying while being accompanied with white chocolate Pocky and forest fruit tea. I bought this Pocky when I was in China last summer. Unfortunately we don’t have this kind of Pocky in the Netherlands.

– One mini-baguette with sausages
– A half mini-baguette with smoked salmon and lettuce
– White chocolate Pocky
– Rice with teroi, a Surinamese vegetable, it’s comparable to zucchini, and shrimps
– Half a alu roti, it’s roti filled with mashed potatoes
– One bara with mango chutney
– A half Magnum Infinity
– One roti

– Four mugs of forest fruit tea
– One mug of black tea with sugar


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