Food Diary: 23rd of March, 2012

Today is the day of the most important test I’ve had so far. I’m so nervous!
Wish me luck! Or not? Tell me to break a leg, or what is it that you should say at such a time? Anyways, I love support, so I wouldn’t mind some of you! *hint hint*.

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with metworst
– One bowl of low-fat yogurt with peach and muesli with apple and raisins
– My last ‘Jia You!’-chocolate
For lunch/dinner I prepared:
– Two slices of white bread with strawberry-guava jam
– A cup of apple sauce
– Two slices of white bread with ham, low-fat cheese and lettuce
What’s more amazing when finishing a test, than that you’re mother is waiting outside for you to travel home together and has you bought a
– Bun with zoutvlees (literally translated ‘salt meat’) and slices of cucumber?
And what’s a more amazing way to end an amazing day with
– A home made cranberry-chocolate cupcake and a newly bought and fresh Japanese cherry green tea? This is how you should life should be lived! I feel incredibly awesome today!

– One mug of Mellow Morning
– One cup of café au lait with sugar. Bought at McDonalds
– One bottle of Aloe Vera drink, pomegranate flavour
– Three mugs of Japanese cherry green tea. This is the first time for me to drink this tea as I had bought it just today at a tea shop. It wasn’t as expensive as I had expected considering the amount of tea leaves I got and it tastes delicious! It has an incredibly strong scent that leaves an subtle aftertaste when you drink the tea. In a way it’s sweet, but it’s still green tea, so in a way it’s not. It’s special and therefore I like it!


2 thoughts on “Food Diary: 23rd of March, 2012

  1. Thank you, that’s really sweet!!! And for anyone who’s interested: I just checked my answers and I passed the test! I’m so happy! I allowed to continue my education! I’m so happy!

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