Food Diary: 18th of March, 2012

– One slice of whole-wheat bread with cumin cheese spread and slices of cucumber
‘Jia You!’-chocolate. My Chinese friend gave me some dark chocolate bonbons, which I consider to be my ‘Jia You!’-chocolates. ‘Jia You!’ means something like ‘Do your best!’ or ‘Good luck!’ in Chinese, which I know because of watching many Taiwanese drama’s, and it’s what my friend and I say when we want to cheer each other up. Next Friday I have an important test coming up, probably the most important and hard one I’ve had until know, which decides whether or not I’m allowed to stay on med school. Though I know I am able to pass this test, it’s the pressure that does make me stress a bit. Now my friend gave me these ‘Jia You!’-chocolates to support me, so everyday until the test I have Friday I’ll keep eating one of them, so everyday while studying I can give it my all.
A dark chocolate bonbon from Leonidas, a chocolaterie making delicious bonbons and other kinds of chocolate using fresh Belgian chocolate.

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with  kroket, mayonnaise and curry sauce. Sadly enough we didn’t have a white bun today either to eat this kroket on, but a mini-baguette is better than a regular slice of bread to eat a kroket with, so I’m pretty satisfied.
– One half whole-wheat mini-baguette with sardines in tomato sauce and lemon chutney
– Rice with chicken, pork and amsoi, a Surinamese vegetable
– Potato chips
– One slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with strawberry jam. Oh my, eating this while drinking hot chocolate is probably the best midnight snack I’ve had in a long time! I felt instantly re energized! Power – UP!

– One mug Mellow Morning
– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– Two mugs of oolong tea
– One mug of hot chocolate made with regular milk, cacao powder and sugar


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