‘Who is like God?’

It’s the literally translation of the Hebrew name ‘Michael’ of which my name ‘Michelle’ was derived from. I don’t believe my parents took the meaning of the name in account when they chose it for me; they probably just thought it sounded beautiful, of which I have to agree to. It was only when I was about 12 years old when I searched for the meaning of my name.

“‘Quis ut Deus?’ A Latin sentence meaning ‘Who is like God?’, is a literal translation of the name ‘Michael’. ‘Michael’ appears as the name of several men in the ‘Old Testament’. In the ‘Book of Daniel’ it is the name of the ‘prince’ of the people of Israel. In the ‘New Testament’ the name is given to an archangel in the ‘Epistle of Jude’ 1:9 and, in the ‘Book of Revelation’ 12:7, to the leader of angels who defeat ‘the dragon’ and his fallen angels, a dragon identified in ‘Revelation’ 12:9 as ‘that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world’.
The sentence ‘Quis ut Deus?’ is particularly associated with Archangel Michael. In art St. Michael is often represented as an angelic warrior, fully armed with the helmet, sword and shield as he overcomes Satan, sometimes represented as a dragon and sometimes as a man-like figure. The shield at times ears the inscription: ‘Quis ut Deus’, the translation of the archangel’s name, but capable also of being seen as his rhetorical and scornful question to Satan.
The Scapular of St. Michael the Archangel also bears this phrase.”

The Archangel Michael is a strong being, who fights for what he believes in, who fights for the good against the bad, who fights for justice, who’s willing to challenge and overcome Satan. With his name alone he’s a warrior from God who’s strong enough to ask Satan the rhetorical question: ‘WHO is like God?’.

If Michael can be such a strong angel who fights for his belief , then who says I, Michelle, can’t?
In my own modest ways I should be able to fight for my beliefs too, to challenge not only Satan, but also myself to become a stronger person and overcome Satan as he appears in everyday issues; whenever there’s the choice between right and wrong, and the choice between the easy and the right road.
With the name my parents had chosen for me, they subconsciously also gave me the strength my name carries. I may seem like a weak and sweet little girl, but God knows the power I have inside me. The power to not choose for the easy road, but for the right road, to fight for what I believe in without any doubts.
I’m strong, just like the ones who gave me this name and the Archangel who my name was derived from, and I’ll live up to it.

If truth be told, I’m still a girl who has the cheesy dream of a loved one singing this song to her.


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