Food Diary: 9th of March, 2012

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with dark chocolate sprinkles
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with ham, low-fat cheese and lettuce
– One muffin with chocolate filling, bought at McDonalds
– One taro mochi. I got this one from my Chinese friend who loves mochi. The only kind of mochi I had eaten before was the one filled with red bean paste, but I have to admit that this one filled with taro tastes even better!

– Salted popcorn. I shared a bowl filled with popcorn with a bunch of my Hindustan friends while we were watching the Bollywood movie ‘Golmaal returns’, because we wanted to celebrate Holi together, which is a religious Hindu fest. I’m actually a catholic, but because my roots still lies in India it’s enough reason for me to celebrate Holi too. I’m sure Indian people will think differently about it, but hey, to me it’s still about my culture! Even if my religion isn’t Hinduism.
When celebrating this fest, you’re actually supposed to throw colored powder on each other, but because of circumstances we decided to celebrate it in a more modest way.
For my Dutch readers: You can watch here a short informational video about Holi in case you’re interested.  For my non-Dutch readers: There must be other informational video’s on Youtube, so do search for it if you’re interested about Holi, I don’t think it would be very hard to find.
Subh Holi!

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with an omelet with a tomato and piccalilli sauce

– One mug of coffee with a dash of regular milk and honey
– One cup of café au lait, bought at McDonalds
– One cup of hot chocolate
– Two little packages of multi fruit juice
– Two mugs of green tea lemon


9 thoughts on “Food Diary: 9th of March, 2012

  1. You speak hindi too, didn’t expect that. Not very big on sweets, in fact I avoid it like one avoids the plague. A bit harsh, but for some reason they always make me throw up.
    What’s your favourite food?

  2. Actually I’m one of the few Hindustan people I know who doesn’t speak Hindi (or actually the dialect from Hindustan, which is where our ancestors were from [are you familiar with the history?]), I can only say and understand a few words, really. My parents never taught me the language, though they can speak it, because.. Well, I’ve no idea actually why not. But my friends who can speak it are teaching me some easy words and sentences. It’s fun :)
    If you usually throw up because of sweets, I don’t think it would be a very good idea to eat mochi, because of the squishy structure; I think it would only make you throw up faster :P.
    I don’t have one specific kind of food that I like; there are many things that I love to eat (and many things I’ll still have to try out), so it would be hard to answer that question.
    Do you have a favorite food/dish?

  3. I am pretty good at history. We call it India now. :|
    Like you I like loads of stuff, so probably depends on the mood.
    However 2 things I like above all else is rice and mushrooms. I can eat them anytime.

  4. Haha, that’s not what I meant. All of the people who moved to Suriname in the past from India, came from the same provence from India, which is why we speak a different dialect than the regular Indians do. I was told the provence was called Hindustan or something, but I’m not quite sure.. Oh! Finally Wikipedia provides me the information I was looking for! and
    You may be good at history, but I know from experience that many people from India don’t know about the Indians who moved to Suriname in the past. Most only know about the Indian people who moved to England because of the English colonization.

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