Food Diary: 6th of March, 2012

Tomorrow is D-Day! And rather that I feel well rested at the moment, I feel like I want to go back to bed again. Ah well, I guess it’s only for my sake and the sake of my future patients that I’ll try to focus on my studies and give it all I’ve got on this last day before the test.

Coffee with a home-made-by-me-fresh-from-the-oven-cookie; that’s how I study. 

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– A croque monsieur made with three slices of whole-wheat bread and low-fat cheese
– Three home made cookies. According to my cookbook it’s called ‘Mexican Pastelito’s’, and they’re supposed to be eaten on Mexican weddings. Well, since Google hasn’t provided me that same information I wonder if that’s true. It’s a nice cookie though. Not very special, but still nice to eat. Very simple to make, very simple taste… But that’s a good thing, not everything has to be fancy.
– Rice with grilled tilapia filet, it’s a kind of tropical fish, for those who didn’t know, spinach and lemon chutney
– Two little packages of gummy bears
– One puffed rice cake


– One mug of coffee with a dash of soy milk and a sweetener
– One mug of what I’d like to call: Choco-coffee. Which is regular coffee with some cacao power, a dash of soy milk and a sweetener
– One mug of coffee with a dash of regular milk and honey
– One glass of clear lemonade
– One mug of açai green tea


8 thoughts on “Food Diary: 6th of March, 2012

  1. I have a theory which I practice, don’t eat on the day before the exam. That way the blood doesn’t flow to the digestive system and make me feel sleepy.
    That increases my chances of me picking up a book.

  2. Not eating, means that there’s less energy to use for studying, so the chance that I’m able to even remember anything reduces to the lowest level possible. Also, not eating only makes me think about food anyway, so it’s not really helping concentrate on my studies. If I feel sleepy I want to sleep (so I take a powernap or I’ll drink coffee just to stay awake), so in my case it would only decrease my chances of picking up a book.
    Here’s my question to you: if you in that case are so sleepy that you’re willing to pick up a book, do you actually remember anything you’ve just read? And not only then or just when you see the question on your test when you’ve apparently memorized the stuff on your shortterm memory, but for the rest of you life; do you really think it’s useful to study like that?

    The reason why I’m always hungry when I’m studying, is because my brains are begging me for sugars which they need to memorize everything. So who am I to not allow them what they need?

  3. Well I have lots of tea and juice to keep the sugar levels high. Well I am not a doctor so I probably don’t have to remember anything important :P
    I completed mechanical engineering without buying a single book and much to the exasperation of my friends it moonlighted as a fall down drunk while doing it.
    Memorizing has never been good learning method for me. But that’s just me, and you are gonna be a doc which is kinda important, so better not take my advice on anything.

  4. It doesn’t really matter if you are or are not studying to become a doctor right? What are you studying for anyway? I think for your future, so what is it worth if you don’t remember anything about what you study? Then what are you able to do in the future with the ‘knowledge’ you’ve gained? Well, I don’t know anything about your study so I wouldn’t know what the best ways of studying for it would be anyway. As long as you know for yourself that you’re doing the best you can to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, it’ll all be okay.

  5. You ‘ve gone all serious on me. I don’t know, it’s mainly because I am not interested like I was when I started out. I thought it’d be interesting, but it wasn’t, not even remotely. So maybe that ‘ll change when I find something I like.

    Moving on to more important things, do you cook all the stuff yourself? I am a pretty keen cook, but a bit of an amateur. None of my dishes come out exactly the same twice.

  6. I’m the kind of person who takes everything seriously; every comment made or every thought expressed, but only if I’m interested or curious I’ll ask about it, so do feel special, haha.
    And no, I don’t cook everything myself. As you might have known from my previous posts I still live at home with my parents, so they’re the one who usually make my dinner. Sometimes I’m the one in charge, but in that case I’ll tell you on the post, sometimes I eat out, which I like to do too once in a while, but then too I’ll mention it in the post. I do ‘make’ my breakfast and lunch myself, but how much is there to make, if bread and all of the ingredients are simply bought from the supermarket? Doesn’t cost me too much time luckily.
    I can cook though, but most of the time I just like baking sweets and experiment all kinds of different recipes. So whenever we’re having a dinner party, I’m the one in charge for the cookies and cakes and everything else sweet. Sure you can buy your guests a pie, but why buy one if they could have a homemade one?

    That none of your dishes come out the same way twice doesn’t have to be something bad right? It isn’t like you’re training to be a master chef to work in a fancy restaurant I suppose? So in that case you should be satisfied with being able to just prepare delicious dishes, no matter if it was a bit different when you made it before.
    Good luck in the kitchen!

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