How to: SOGging

Lazy Konata in Lucky Star. (Source unknown)

‘SOGging’, this word may seem weird to my non-Dutch readers, but it’s o so familiar to almost all of the Dutch students, as it is a Dutch abbreviation which many students will find themselves guilty of.
SOG = Studie Ontwijkend Gedrag, meaning ‘Study Evasive Behavior’. Put ‘-ing’ behind it, make it a verb and there you have it: ‘SOGging’. As the name implies, SOG is about everything a student does, who is supposed to be studying, that has NOTHING to do with studying itself.
Everyone has his own way of SOGging and here you can read my ways of procrastinating what I should do and do all the things I shouldn’t do.
I’m such a stupid girl sometimes.

  • Facebook. Remember this: Facebook is enemy. At least when studying. It isn’t even that interesting, but still I keep checking it every few minutes or so. What am I, crazy? My first step towards doing what I should do is probably just closing my Facebook tab, which I sometimes do, but then I just open it again whenever I’m looking for distraction.
  • Food. It’s so easy to spend time on making and eating food when I study at home. Sometimes I suddenly have the desire of eating something delicious that of course costs more time to make than when I’d just have a simple sandwich or snack. Also, walking up and down the stairs to check if the fridge magically has been filled with new food, isn’t exactly useful or timesaving either.
  • Cleaning. My room has never been more neat.
  • Looking around. Even my wall is interesting when I have to study. It’s painted in my favorite colour, lilac! How could I resist admiring it??
  • Dressing up. Nails are polished with a classy gold nail polish, I’ve discovered two new hairstyles, threaded my eyebrows, created some new outfits with old clothes… What? That stuff has to happen too!
  • Dancing around on birthday songs. Whose birthday exactly?
  • Korean Drama. Opening the tab of my favorites to see if another drama episode has been uploaded, come to the conclusion that it hasn’t and then preach to myself I shouldn’t watch too much drama because it’ll take too much of my study time.
  • Complain about the amount to study. It’s so much fun to complain about this with others! ‘There’s too much to study!’, ‘I’ll never make it on time!’; well duh, of course I won’t, not if I don’t even start studying and stop fooling around.
  • Blogging. Yes, writing this post is a form of procrastinating too. Told you I was stupid.

Guess it’s time for me to go back to my studies again. After I’ve fetched myself something to drink of course. What? Who’s procrastinating?


4 thoughts on “How to: SOGging

  1. You have my empathy. Have you noticed how dull and horrible movies become suddenly quite watchable and interesting on the eve of a test?
    Konata is one of my favourite anime characters.
    If you want to take up a full time course on ‘SOGging’ please let me know.
    If only it was an Olympic sport.

  2. Welcome AKBD and thank you for commenting!
    I know! And then when you’re going to watch them some other time you’ll think: ‘Huh, did I actually like this??’. Haha, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to take a course on sogging, I could give it to anyone who’s interested though!

  3. Hey Bellacorea! Welcome to my Secret Little Paradise!
    When watching Korean drama and you’re saying to yourself you’re only allowed to watch ONE episode, they always end it a certain way that you HAVE TO watch the next one! Also when you can’t resist watching the preview of the next episode… Highly addictive indeed, I’m such a stupid girl sometimes :P

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