Food Diary: 5th of March, 2012

For some reason I’m not tired in the morning today! Or well, it does have a reason of course, which is that I slept through my alarm clock. Whoops, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Luckily it doesn’t matter, because I didn’t oversleep too much and now my mind feels more clear than ever! Let the count down begin! Study material, bring it on!

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– Five slices of toasted whole-wheat bread with cumin cheese
– Three little packages of gummy bears
– Rice with peas, carrots and chicken
– A handful of Krupuk.
– Two little cakes with a layer of chocolate and orange and eh, well I can’t really explain it, so this is what it looks like:

It isn’t that big as you expect it to be on the picture though, sadly.

– One mug of Mellow Morning, made with soy milk and honey
– Two mugs of coffee with a dash of soy milk and a sweetener
– Two mugs of green tea

See how unhealthy I eat when I’m stressing for a test? When I am stressing I either eat about nothing or I eat A LOT. This time it’s the latter as you might have noticed.


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