Food Diary: 2nd of March, 2012

It’s quite lonely to study at home. I wish my home would be closer to my university, so it wouldn’t be such a waste of time to go there just to study. Sadly I can’t afford myself the traveling time it would cost me.

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– A croque monsieur made with one slice of whole-wheat bread, low-fat cheese, slices of tomato and curry ketchup
– Omelet with onion
– Two puffed rice cakes. Because I was still hungry and wanted to make up for the omelet, which isn’t really low-fat as you might know, but because it is healthy I choose to eat it anyway.
– A cube of dark chocolate. Same story as yesterday, and my life as a chocoholic has started today at 2:30 PM.
– Hawaii Pizza. BAM! 763 Kcal, come to mama! Ah well, I need the energy anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.
– Half a whole-wheat mini-baguette with ‘Filet Americain’ with sweet onions and lettuce.
– Two little packages of gummy bears. Diehard studying has begun; Diehard snacking has begun too!
– A white chocolate stick filled with milk chocolate and mocha coffee

– Two mugs of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– Three mugs of açai green tea
– A glass of ‘Hero: Fruit & Co Multifruit’. According to the package it’s a very healthy drink, but according to this website it isn’t quite as healthy as Hero wants to make us believe. Hell, who cares? If you look at most drinks or food that closely, there’s barely anything left to drink or eat that is ‘proper’.


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