Food Diary: 29th of February, 2012

It’s leap year, which means that finally the 29th of February is back! Enjoy this day, because it won’t be for another four years before it’ll be here again.

Congratulations to my good friend L.! She’s celebrating her 20th birthday today! Happy Birthday!

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– One slice of whole-wheat toast with strawberry jam
– Four puffed rice cake
– Noodles and chicken in soy sauce
– ‘Pietjel’. This is actually an Indonesian dish called ‘Gado gado’, but the Surinamese version is called ‘Pietjel’ (Pronounce as ‘peetjel’). It’s a mix of cooked vegetables, such as yard long beans, cabbage and bean sprouts with peanut sauce. Because I’m allergic to peanuts I ate it with tomato sauce in stead.
– A chocolate chip cookie. After a few doubts I allowed myself to eat this cookie, because the pajamas I’m wearing at the moment make me feel slim and it’s a rather small cookie so one won’t hurt. It’s motivates to study too!

– Three mugs of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– Three mugs of açai green tea. No matter how much I love to drink this tea, it still doesn’t really help me focus on my studies, which is what I need at the moment. Guess it’ll be a coffee-day today? Not just today though, but probably until the test I have next week. I. Need. Concentration!!



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