Food Diary: 28th of February, 2012

Today was a happy day, or so I thought.
Most of the time my feelings are reflected in my appetite, so what does it mean if I thought I was happy today, when I ate so little and had to put so much effort into eating what I did eat? Was I happy today? I thought I was.

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
– One slice of whole-wheat bread with ham
– One bowl of chicken soup
– A little package of gummy bears. My father gave me these, because he believed I needed more energy. He’s so sweet sometimes.

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– One bottle of clear lemonade
– A cup of ‘Hot Mocha Orange’. I went for coffee with a friend today at Doppio, which is a coffee cafe that’s close to our faculty, and I decided to try something new. The coffee was sweet, which I love as you might know, and the orange taste was very subtle. It was the kind of drink that could make your dull morning special in a simple way.
– A glass of orange juice

When a friend asked me how I was feeling today, I told him that I was feeling pretty good, which he agreed to and told me I seemed to be shining.
But why is it that at the moment my light seems to have extinguished?


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