I think it’s important for (future) doctors to realize what they prescribe their patients and then especially when it comes to children.
As someone who has visited many different hospitals, doctors and homeopaths many times in her life and who has taken many kinds of medication and underwent many kinds of experimental treatment, I know what it’s like to be a child, but to be a patient at the same time. People often underestimate what a disease could do to a person, and for the future doctors of our generation I don’t want them to make the same mistakes many doctors made while treating me.
Never forget that a patient is a person, a child, a living being with hopes, dreams, hobbies and intelligence. In a way it doesn’t even seem right to call a patient a ‘patient’, because the word alone seems so create a distance between the doctor and person who is looking for healthcare. We are all human beings, created the same way and we’re all equally valuable, so not even a doctor could be found superior above a patient.

Because at the time I was ignorant and my parents were desperate to get me healthy, I obediently took a lot of medication. I remember a time when some doctor from I-don’t-know-where ‘experimented’ once again and I had to take about 20 pills each day. I think I was about six or seven at the time and because it wasn’t possible for me to swallow those pills, I had to mix them through my food.
Remember this for the rest of your life:
Medication tastes horrible.
I know the goal was to cure me, but it didn’t help at all and because this medication took away my appetite, even when I had stopped taking it, I began to despise doctors. It seemed that they always acted so knowledgeable and arrogantly, but they were actually plain stupid if it took them so much effort to cure me. Later on I did meet a doctor who was able to take care of me, though he didn’t cure me, and because of him I got my trust in doctors back.

The meaning of life is still unclear to me, but I’ve always thought: If people come to die anyway, all I want to do is make their life here more pleasant. And because from experiences I know what a doctor could mean to person, and I know how they shouldn’t act or treat their patients, the best way for me to do this, was to become a doctor myself.

Here I stand, more than 10 years later from the moment I had set that goal for myself, still working hard towards it. One day I’ll make it, that’s for sure.


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