Food Diary: 22nd of February, 2012

I like going to lectures that we’re offered on our university that aren’t an obligatory part of our curriculum. Tonight I’ll be going to an event called ‘STOLA Experience: A journey through South-Asia!’. Here two lectures will be given and the night will end with a yoga workshop. Dinner’s also included that’s in the theme of south-Asia. When I first heard about it, only the name, I didn’t even know what the evening included, I immediately wanted to go; South-Asia! India! It’s probably about diseases and medicines from where my roots lie! Of course I have to go!

– A croque monsieur made with one slice of whole-wheat bread, ham, fatless cumin cheese and tomato ketchup.
– Two slices of ontbijtkoek
– An apple
– One slice of whole-wheat bread with ham
– A cup of chocolate-vanilla custard. A friend gave me this custard. It means a lot to me when friends share their food with me, because for me it’s only something you do with people you care about and who you feel comfortable with.
Dinner was taken care of very well at the event. Like I predicted we had an Indian dinner. I don’t usually eat Indian dinner; most of the time I eat Suriname-Indian dinner, which is a bit different, so even for me some of the dishes were new! I took a flyer with me, because I want to go eat there some time again. Even with just talking about it, I made my father and a friend longing for the food of that restaurant. I believe that says enough about how tasteful it was.
– Vegetable samosa. This is a small pastry with potatoes and peas. We ate it with a green yogurt sauce. The sauce reminded me of bara dough! Which it wasn’t, of course.
– Fried rice with peas, eggs and carrots
– Tandoori chicken
– Lamb Bhuna. A spicy curry dish made with lamb.
– Alu gobi. Alu means potato; this was a potato-cauliflower dish made in a light curry sauce.

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– A bottle of Aloe Vera Drink, Mango. According to the package it’s a healthy and nutrient drink, for many reasons (which I’ve already forgotten because I already threw the bottle away and I don’t feel like getting it out of the bin) including the fact that it doesn’t contain any natural sugars. So it does contain unnatural sugars then? Synthetic sugars? Hey, I thought this was a natural product! Ahum, but while looking at the ingredients I figured out it contained honey instead to sweeten it. I. Love. Honey!
– Two glasses of ‘Mango lassie’. At the event there was also the choice for ‘regular’ drinks, like soda, coffee, tea etc., but because this drink was new to me, and everyone looked at it suspiciously, I wanted to try it out. It tasted delicious! It’s a fresh yogurt drink with mango taste. You see, I’m totally into the mango today!
– A glass of water. Because I’m too lazy to make tea or walk to the storage room to get myself some orange juice.


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