Food Diary: 18th of February, 2012

Today my cousin and his mother will come to visit us, as my cousin was in Suriname for the past three months for his minor. I’m so jealous! I want to go to Suriname too! It’s ridiculous I’ve never been there;  my parents were born there so how is it possible that I’ve never even been there once?
After my mother moved to the Netherlands when she was 13 she never once returned, not even for a vacation. My father moved to the Netherlands when he was about 27 years old and he did return once, but no more.
Please bring me there too! I want to know where my roots lie.

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with corned beef and piccalilli sauce
– See my post here to see what food my parents and I made today. I ate it. A Lot. I didn’t even count it.

– One mug of café au lait with soy milk and a sweetener
– Two glasses of orange juice
– Numerous cups of açai green tea
– A glass of green Fernandes, a soft drink from Suriname. I usually don’t drink soda, but it’s nice to drink it once in a while with company.
– Numerous cups of chai tea with a dash of soy milk and sugar


7 thoughts on “Food Diary: 18th of February, 2012

    • Nice to meet you too, thank you for commenting! :)
      Have you ever been to Suriname, if so, what is it like?? I’m so curious! And in what way does your roots lie there?

      One day I’ll go.. one day, that’s for sure.

  1. Hi! Me too. My mom is from Surinam, my father from Indonesia, I never visited both yet but spent all my vacations in Croatia since I’m little, and I feel like my roots lie there too.. I’m born in Amsterdam.

  2. Hi! Where does your mother roots originally lie? (As in, that my roots originally lies in India) :) Croatia is beautiful! I’ve only visited it yet once, but I’d love to go back again. So you’re Dutch too? =D Do you still live here?
    It’s funny how others sometimes believe that because our roots lie in different places, it would seem like we’re a bit confused about ‘what’ we are, but for me it seems rather like an enrichment that I’ve been brought up with the norms and values of different cultures. It’s interesting to see how cultures change over time and when it’s passed through people, but the essence stays the same. For the future I hope that no matter where the roots of my husband-to-be (whoever that may be :P) lie, I’ll be able to enrich my children in the same way :)
    ‘So you’re Dutch? Surinamese? Indian? Eh.. Nothing?’
    No, I’m not nothing, I’m everything! All of them!

  3. Haha I’m Amsterdammer ;) Passport says Dutch indeed. So that would make you Hindoestaans? My mothers roots are mixed, but not the same as yours. My granddad was from the bush, my grandmom had some European & Chinese blood.

  4. Yay Amsterdam! As soon as I move out I’ll be a Rotterdammer :P. Yes, I’m Hindoestaans. It’s cool to read how your roots are totally mixed up, was it noticeable when you were/are growing up?

  5. Yeah totally!

    First of all, You know, The Dutch are pretty cold, they eat to live (I live to eat), I didn’t visit both countries but I grew up with the food and culture. It’s always been warm at home, everyone was always welcome…

    It can happen that if you visit a Dutch family unannounced and they are having dinner, they or make you wait in another room, or they ask you to come back later. Your family would never do that, right? Isn’t there always enough food in the house for someone to join? It heppened to me that a Dutch mom called my mom (when I was little) to aks how many potatoes I’d wanted for dinner….

    Met a Hindustani girl yersterday who promised to make me some bara’s hmmmm :)

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