Food Diary: 17th of February, 2012

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! *Clap* *Clap*

– One half of a whole-wheat mini-baguette with fatless cumin cheese
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with ham and fatless cumin cheese
– One currant bun
– Rice with cabbage and masala lambs meat. I’ve an Indian background; Eating rice and meat with masala, that’s what I do!
– Two puffed rice cakes
– A slice of whole-wheat bread with fatless cumin cheese

– One mug of coffee with a dash of regular milk and a sweetener
– A cup of hot chocolate. I got this one from my favorite free coffee machine.
– Three mugs of açai green tea

Because we’re getting visitors this weekend I just spent some hours in the kitchen making a chocolate cake and agar agar, which is a sort of  coconut pudding. Maybe you know the dessert ‘lapis’? You can compare it to that. It’s delicious! I want to eat it, but unfortunately I’ll have to wait for it to harden in the fridge.
I could eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning though…


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