TSUNAcon 2012

This Sunday was the day I had been waiting for, for over a year; it was finally time for Tsunacon!
In short it was:
– Awesome
– Fun
– Busy
– Colourful
– Cute
Did I already mention awesome?

This year the convention was held at the Erasmus University on the Woudestein campus. It was in held in the same building where I usually make my exams! And how weird it was to see how our exam room had changed into a dealerroom… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake that image off my mind the next times I have to make an exam in that same room.
With my kigurumi Hello Kitty costume on I bravely started my journey and while sitting peacefully in the train I got many stares from non-cosplayers who probably wondered where the hell I was going. I think I’ll just take those as a compliment; I like being unique. After arriving at the venue and standing in line in the freezing cold, this weather is ridiculous I tell you, we could finally go inside and that was when our new Tsunacon-adventure could start Also this year our day was filled with gawking at people and taking pictures of, and with, them. We also attended a chocolate workshop where we made three little bonbons. They’re now sitting on my desk, nicely wrapped with a purple ribbon.
Guess who will be the lucky man to get these for Valentine’s Day.

In many ways there were pros and cons to this convention in comparison with that of last year. I don’t want to think about the cons actually, because for me I had a great time on this convention that had A LOT of pros! Again there were really pretty cosplays made and I finally had an awesome cosplay myself! I’m happy that I brought my own bento box with me, because the line in front of the Ichiraku Ramen stand was ridiculously long, I believe some people stood in line for more than an hour! That did give me enough time to look at their costumes shamelessly while chewing on my own sandwiches though…

They had a DDRroom this year! My coordination is horrible, therefore I could only dance on the light mode, but still it was so awesome! (Yes, I can only say ‘awesome’ and ‘fun’ in this post. It seems my vocabulaire has shortened in no time when I talk about Tsunacon).

My description of my day might seem that I didn’t do very much and it was all a waste of time and money, but I have to tell you that isn’t true. You might have to be there to feel how awesome (there you have it again) it was to just be together with a bunch of dressed up people who have all put so much effort in their costumes and with who you have your hobbies in common and and and… Just go to an animeconvention one day if you haven’t already, only then you’ll truly understand what I’m talking about.


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