Food Diary: 13th of February, 2012

Why am I such an idiot who gets up at 5.30am when her day before was busy and she went to bed late? Could anyone please tell me what’s wrong with me?

– One slice of ontbijtkoek
For lunch I prepared myself:
– Two slices of whole-wheat bread with avocado
– One apple turnover
After that:
– Three little packets of Haribo gummy bears
– Two ladyfingers
– A bowl of peasoup with different vegetables and sausages
– Three puffed rice cakes
– An apple with cinnamon

– A mug of coffee with regular milk and a sweetener. Most of the time I don’t use regular milk, because I’m lactose intolerant, so I use soy milk instead. Today I found out the soy milk had gone bad so I had to use regular milk if I wanted to drink my coffee. I made it really strong, but I’m still quite sleepy… Zzzzz
For lunch I prepared myself:
– Two little packets of multi fruit juice
After that:
– Three mugs of açai green tea. This stuff is addictive, I tell you.

This afternoon I decided to visit the oriental shop again, because I had just missed my train and had to wait for half an hour anyway. So of course it’s better to wait while staring at some snacks than standing in the cold waiting for a train and cursing at the weather. I like buying food, I like buying snacks, I like buying chocolate, but… I’m not too fond of eating unhealthy. Luckily I also like buying gifts, so that’s what I did and I’ll give the snacks I bought today to my brothers tomorrow as a Valentine’s gift. Cheapo, I know, but it’s still something! I bet they won’t even give me anything. They like snacks and chocolate too, so there. Who cares about the money anyway? It’s the thought that counts!


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