Food Diary: 11th of February, 2012

It’s finally weekend! Weekend equals being lazy, eating, sleeping, watching movies… ~ Not this weekend though; because I’ll be out for Tsunacon tomorrow, it means I have only today to catch up on my studies.
No worries, I can do this! Just because ‘being lazy’ isn’t on my schedule for today, it doesn’t mean that eating isn’t either! And who says I’m obliged to change out of my pajamas?

– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with sausages and ketchup sauce and mayonnaise sauce
– A bowl of mixed salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peach and lemon juice

The sweetness of the peach and the sourness of the lemon juice create an interesting flavor together. I always love to cook with different colours; when it looks nice, colourful and powerful, it tastes even better! 

– Pea soup with a lot of colourful vegetables, sausages and chicken wings
– An oliebol. You might know these as ‘Dutch dougnuts’, it’s a traditional Dutch snack that is usually served at New Years Eve. Today my mom made it, because, well, just because.

– A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener
– Two mugs of açai green tea

This Kermit Muppet puppet my parents got me will keep me company for today! Shall I let it be Hello Kitty’s friend tomorrow too?




I actually want to bring some Pocky with me tomorrow to Tsunacon, but because we don’t have those at home at the moment and they’re also not available in my hometown, it means the only option for me is to buy it tomorrow in Rotterdam, where the convention takes place. Do I have enough courage to visit an oriental supermarket with my Hello Kitty costume?


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