Valen-, valen-, valentine!

‘Surprise your lover with this special Valentine’s gift and enjoy your night!’ sounds a commercial from my speakers. Shut up! Not everyone has a loved one to spend Valentine’s Day with! Don’t be so inconsiderate, you blabbering fools!

I’ve never had a date on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to feel sorry for me, because this year I do! We’re going to watch a movie and perhaps have something to drink or eat afterwards… I’m so excited! It’ll be so much fun!

About a year ago, or maybe two, the movie ‘Norwegian Wood’ was in the cinema’s, it’s based on the homonym book written by Haruki Marukami. So far I have read only one of his books and I loved it, so when I saw that one of his other books was made into I movie I badly wanted to see it. Sadly there was no one who wanted to come with me and because I also failed trying to download it, or buy it,  for me it was ‘byebye Haruki Murakami’.
Poor me.
A month ago I saw on a website that the movie is shown again for a day in the Public Library of Amsterdam!! It just happens to be on the same day as Valentine’s day, but I honestly don’t really care about the place or date; all that matters for me is that this time there is someone who wants to join me and I’ll finally get to watch this movie. I have to admit that even if there was no one again who wanted or could watch this movie with me, I’d have gone on my own this time.
I guess I’ll have to disappoint you to say it’s not a romantic date, I’m just going to watch the movie with a  friend (the one who gave me a blueberry muffin, she’s such a sweetheart!) and together we’ll have our own amazing Valentine’s Day!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


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