Food Diary: 10th of February, 2012

No, it’s too early! I want to go back to my bed again! I don’t wanna go to school todaaaay ~ !

But I will. Bleh.

A slice of  ontbijtkoek
For lunch I prepared myself:
– One slice of whole-wheat bread with ham, cheese and cucumber slices
– A whole-wheat mini-baguette with tuna salad and cucumber slices
– Pocky
After that:
– Rice with chicken and red cabbage
– A mixed salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peach, smoked salmon and lemon juice. It’s heaven, enough said.
– A slice of chocolate mousse cake
– One puffed rice cake

A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener
For lunch I prepared myself:
– A bottle of water
– A glass of multi fruit juice
– A glass of orange juice
– Two mugs of chai tea with a dash of unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener

I had almost finished the whole package of Pocky before I even had arrived to my university. Half-sleeping in the train while nibbling on some Pocky… Bliss!
If anyone could explain me: How is it that I suddenly drink water these days? Since when do I drink water? What’s wrong with me??
Before I left my house I had planned to grab some grapes too to eat during lunch, but this morning I didn’t even have enough time to wash them properly and then put them in a sandwich bag. I was very busy, so even for something like this that would only take a minute I didn’t have enough time. Don’t you feel sorry for me?? It means that when I get home this evening the grapes might be already finished! I want my grapes!
Last night I was dreaming about having a delicious salad, so this morning I wanted to make myself some to bring with me. Of course, also for this I didn’t have enough time. Luckily the odds are that the ingredients for it won’t be finished yet when I get home, because I saw a huge stock of those in the fridge.
Guess what will be my midnight snack.


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