P for ‘pee’ (or?)

Whenever I’m at a place where I’ve never been before, I’m always a bit reluctant to visit the bathroom. Besides that I’m not too fond of any other bathrooms apart from my own in a hygienic way, I’m also too aware of the people around me.
I don’t want them to think: ‘Oh my, she’s been there quite a long time now, hasn’t she?’ or anything like that. It’s stupid to think this way, I might be even more aware of that than most people because of my study, but I still can’t help it! I remember when I was on a date and I tried to hold it in until the moment I almost burst and tried not to run to the bathroom to be there on time. Yeah, that’s even more stupid! Ladylike? Na-ah!

So if I use the bathroom in your presence and don’t come out after only a second, you can be sure that I like you.
Or that I really have to pee.
Or poop.


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