Food Diary: 9th of February, 2012

Today I skipped breakfast because I was staying with a friend for the night, and well, since sleeping is just too lovely, eating simply comes after that.
Or if I have to say it in a different way: I was too lazy to fix breakfast.
My friend did make me something to drink though!

Because I ate a lot of snacks and other unhealthy food yesterday I’ll have to watch my food intake today, if I want to maintain my healthy eating pattern.

– Whole-wheat bread with tuna salad. Here goes my resolution to eat healthy today! I suppose everyone knows that despite the tuna, the salad isn’t healthy at all. According to the package I’ve just eaten 180 kcal, bread not included.
– White bread with a slice of pork tenderloin
– Rice with chicken and red cabbage
– Pocky! My lovable brother surprised me with this, because he knows how much I like it and how long it has been since I’ve had some.
He got me the regular one; the ‘Chocolate Coated Biscuit Stick’ next-to-right

A bowl of low-fat yogurt with peach and fresh grapes
– A toasted slice of whole-wheat bread with fatless cheese, smoked salmon and lettuce

– (Homemade!) Dark hot chocolate mixed with coffee. I’m truly in love with this dark hot chocolate! It was so thick and warm… Yumm!
– A bottle of water. I don’t usually drink water, because I find it tasteless, but today I do, because I’m not feeling very well.
– Cappuccino from my favorite free coffee machine. With sugar.
– A glass of multi fruit juice
– Three mugs of açai green tea


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