Food Diary: 7th of February, 2012

I’m starting to believe I eat about the same things everyday, but how is it that this doesn’t seem to bore me? Am I just too oblivious to what I eat most of the time? Or is it my eating pattern varied, but just not eh, all the time?
Ok, I’m blabbing, don’t mind me ~.

Here you can see what I’ve eaten and drunk today again.
Hmmm, which tea shall I drink today? Chai tea? Rooibos honey tea? Açai green tea? So many choices, but luckily enough time!

– A slice of ‘ontbijtkoek‘ (Literally translated it means ‘breakfast cookie’). It’s a Dutch kind of bread, which is comparable to gingerbread. I eat this almost every day for breakfast on a weekday
– A slice of whole-wheat bread with ham
– A slice of whole-wheat bread with scrabbled egg, tomato and piccalilli sauce
– A bowl of vegetable soup
– Pasta with tomato sauce and tuna
– A puffed rice cake (I always love to snack while studying! I’m quite the healthy snacker though.)
– Apple slices with cinnamon
– Croque Monsieur made with whole-wheat bread, fatless cheese and tomato ketchup
– A cube of dark chocolate

– A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener
– Five mugs of chai tea with a dash of unsweetened soy milk and a sweetener
– A glass of orange juice

I usually use tea-bags that contain enough tea to fill a whole teapot with. Because I find it a waste to throw those teabags away after drinking just one cup of tea, I use them the whole day for more. This means that my ‘drinks‘ aren’t very varied on each day, but are in general. (Is this a weird sentence? It didn’t sound very correct when I tried to say it out loud… Ah well, I suppose you know what I mean.)
This morning someone had already made green tea and someone else had made chai tea. This is enough reason for me to not pick another tea-bag, but to choose between the green tea and chai tea, as the tea bags were still on a teabag holder almost begging me to make tea of them.


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