Food Diary: 6th of February, 2012

It still weird for me to put a ‘2012’ in every date instead of ‘2011’. This might seem a bit stupid, because we’ve passed more than a month of 2012 by now, but still it takes some time for me to change my habits. Of course when I’m finally used to happily writing ‘2012’ everywhere, it’s about the time when I’ll have to get used to writing ‘2013’… Sigh, what a harsh life I have!

Today I’ll keep track of what I’ve eaten and drunk the same way I did yesterday.

– A slice of whole-wheat bread with ham, half a slice of fatless cheese and lettuce
– A cube of dark chocolate
– Two puffed rice cakes
– Pasta with tomato sauce and minced meat (same dinner as yesterday indeed. My mom usually makes enough dinner for two days so she doesn’t have to cook every day)
– Mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, pickles and pickled onion
– A slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with half a slice of fatless cheese and slices tomato
– A bowl of non-fat yogurt with peach

– A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and sweetener
– Four mugs of Chai tea with a dash of unsweetened soy milk and sweetener
– A glass of orange juice
– A mug of Chai tea

Though this has nothing to do with food, I have to point out that this post should have been published a few hours earlier. BUT I OVERSLEPT! And yes, that’s bad, and no, not because of this post.
Actually I had planned to go to university today, because I had a shift (of only an hour…) in the shop where we sell books and medical instruments, but I accidentally overslept! How did I do that?? I’m always on time! Most of the time earlier too. I feel so guilty for not showing up at my shift, but I just called them and they said it was alright. Alright? How could it be alright? It would have been my first time working with the new committee too! What a great first impression I have made on them. I have to admit that my excuse of oversleeping sounds a bit implausible too, because last weekend I’d been trying to switch my shift with someone because I didn’t feel like going to university today for just one hour, because I didn’t have any other lessons. Sadly there was no one who wanted to switch with me, so in the end I was planning to go anyway, really! Luckily I’m friends with some people in the new committee and hopefully they’ll believe my pathetic, but honest, excuse.
Mmmmmm, at the moment I’m trying to make myself calm down. One of these days I’ll just stop by the shop and apologize again in person for not showing up. Hopefully they’ll give me a chance to make up for my mistake.

Back to food again: Besides the apple cinnamon tea I drank yesterday, I had also bought a few other kinds of tea last Friday I had never drunk before. Today I’m trying out Chai tea and I drink it as it is suggested on the package with a dash of milk. They also suggest to pour some honey in it, but sadly enough I don’t have that at home at the moment, so I’ve replaced the honey with a sweetener. This tea tastes even better than the apple cinnamon tea I had yesterday! You can smell and taste a lot of interesting herbs in this tea, which altogether create a wonderful taste. Before I had put the milk in the tea I already had a sip of it, but I have to agree with the advice on the package; it does taste better with a dash of milk in it.


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