Next Sunday Tsunacon is on the program for many Dutch and probably also Belgium anime fans, including moi. Never heard of Tsunacon? Never heard of anime? Shame on you! Well, let me fill you in then, as it of course is a very important subject and it is important to keep your general knowledge up-to-date.

Let’s start with anime. Don’t tell me I really have to explain this one? I presume you’ve at least heard of Pokémon? If not, it’s simply not possible for me to imagine your life. In that case just Google the word, because I’m afraid I can’t *UCHE* want to *UCHE* help you further, Wikipedia might be nicer than me.
But if you have, just take it from me that Pokémon isn’t the only Japanese cartoon that exists, there are many more! A lot of these cartoons are based on manga, which are Japanese comics.

Anyway, there are many anime and manga-fans in the Netherlands and well, all over the world actually, so it’s nice to gather around sometimes, dressed up as your favorite anime character, which is called cosplaying, and just have a great time together. Here’s where Tsunacon comes along, because it is *surprise surprise* an anime convention! It occurs every year in a city in the Netherlands and lasts for a day. There are also other anime conventions that are held in the Netherlands, such as: Chibicon, Abunaicon, Yaycon, Nishicon and Animecon. Of these conventions I’ve already visited Chibicon and Abunaicon before two years ago in the summer. The previous Tsunacon also occurred in winter round this time of the year and it was so much fun! I went there with a friend, who’s even a bigger otaku (=anime fan) than I am, and we had such a great time! Even when most of the time we were just looking at all the people there and admiring their amazing costumes though. Last year we didn’t really cosplay, except for wearing a pair of kitten ears, but this year we will! I’ll be going as ‘Hello Kitty’ and my friend will be going as ‘Tenten’ (from the anime ‘Naruto’). I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to go there ever since the Tsunacon from last year ended; immediately on our way home my friend and I said to each other: ‘Next year we’ll go again!’
Besides gawking at other people, there’s a lot of other different things to do and to see, so you can expect a huge post of me about it afterwards.

You can visit the Tsunaconwebsite here for more information.


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