Look around

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe. She had a very long neck and a nice view of everything that was beneath her. She could keep close watch of everything; if the other animals were nice to each other and who were fighting. In a way she was a mother of everyone.
She liked having that role upon her and she knew that the rest liked it too that they were definitely not alone.
But still, after a while she got a bit lonely.
Her own giraffe-babies left her, and her giraffe-husband died (stupid lion). She did have other animals in the kingdom that cared about here, but still she could feel the distance between her. She started to drink less water and eat less leaves, because she had lost her appetite. After a while she knelt down by the lake, because she felt tired and she began to think.
‘What do I do now, now I don’t have anyone anymore? My animal-children will soon leave me, and then what do I do? Find myself a new giraffe-husband? But where do I even find him? They don’t exist in this area! Oh, I’m so lonely!’
In the distance she could see a couple of birds fly.
‘I wish I was like them, free to be wherever I want to be.’
She fell asleep slowly, thinking she was alone in this world.

Poor giraffe.

When she woke up, she suddenly wasn’t alone anymore at the lake where she had fallen asleep. The whole bank was loaded by all kinds of animals you could imagine: Zebra’s, elephants, ostriches, rhinos, monkeys and even more! She also saw the birds she had seen earlier.
‘My, what are you still doing here?’ the giraffe asked,’I thought you would go your own way and leave me. Why are you still here? You all will leave this herd sometime, just like my giraffe-children, right?
‘Why those unpleasant thoughts, giraffe?’, asked one of the birds, who had called the whole herd together. ‘That animals come and go, isn’t something to be sad about, it’s something to be happy about, if you can send them into the wide open world as well-bred animals!’.’Yes, I can understand that, but it’s still lonely for me, to be left alone here’
‘Lonely? LONELY?! But you’re not lonely!’, the chimpanzee suddenly roared, ‘don’t you see that you’re surrounded by animals who care about you and won’t leave you, even in times of drought? That it’s necessary for some animals to leave the herd, doesn’t mean that everyone will leave you! Why can’t you look at the animals who stay, instead of looking at the animals who go?’

Those words from the chimpanzee had touched the giraffes heart and she looked around her once again. But this time she payed a little more attention and she saw all the animals who had stayed with her all that time.
Until that time she could only think of all the animals who had left her, without realizing that there were also animals who stayed and suddenly she realized that all that time she’d been wrong.
Why did she keep looking at those who left her, instead of those who stayed? All the time when she had those in her thoughts, she could never completely enjoy the time she had with the rest of the herd. She was the one who had created the distance between them!

She got up and made herself strong, like a giraffe is supposed to do, and said: ‘You’re right, and I’m sorry I didn’t realize how much you cared about me and that I shouldn’t forget that I still have you. I will keep each and everyone of this herd in my heart, even those who will leave me, and enjoy the time I have with everyone. Then it won’t matter if there won’t be another giraffe-husband for me; as long as there’s even one animal in this herd, I’m happy’

And she quickly got herself a leaf from the tree to make her words sound more powerful and soon a load applause and roar rose from the herd and the giraffe felt how loved she was.
How could it be that she had felt so lonely earlier, with so much love around her?

In the time that followed, she noticed that she started to enjoy life more. Because she could accept that some animals left the herd, because eventually they went their own way too to explore themselves, and because she realized that whatever happened, she wasn’t alone.


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