Let it snow, let it snow, let it.. what?!


When February arrived after a rather warm winter and Christmas I believed I could finally stop worrying about the weather. Yay, no more snow this year! The cold period is over! No need to worry about the roads being slippy and as a result I’d fall and be hurt etc.
Apparently February thought otherwise and the roads look white all over again.
Bad February!
It’s sad my curses at the snow won’t make it melt though, which means I’ll simply have to cope with it.

This winter wonderland does provide the prettiest landscapes of which even I have to admit it would be a shame to miss it this year. A winter just wouldn’t be complete without snow! Besides that it’s nice for taking photographs, it also makes you calm, just looking outside the window, getting lost in everything that is covered in white. (Yes, just looking. Who said anything about actually feeling the cold? I’m quite fond of the warmth inside my house, thank you), no one will blame you if you decline invites, because you don’t want to leave your house, and it’s also a great excuse to keep pouring some hot chocolate. Hey, it’s cold! You’ve deserved it!

Try to think positively about the snow while you still can, because here are the downsides when you have to leave your house:
It’s cold.
I’m lucky I don’t live in a country where it’s this cold, or even colder, most of the time, because I probably wouldn’t survive it. When I leave my house these days it feels like my nose freezes off, my hands hurt and my butt feels like one big ice cube. If those would be the only downsides I probably wouldn’t mind coping with them, because I can just put on some gloves and a scarf to make things a little less bad, but here’s my main issue why at times snow can make me extremely frustrated:
It’s slippery! And believe me, it hurts when you fall down when walking on tamped snow. Though it’s been quite a while since I last fell because of the slippery, this doesn’t mean that I want to feel it again. Call me a scaredy-cat, I don’t care.
Next Tuesday I have a driving lesson in this deceiving weather for the first time. Everyone has already told me it’s a good lesson for me, but I honestly couldn’t care less; it’s scary. I’m already afraid of walking in the snow, never mind driving through it! Is there anyone who wants to give me something warm and sweet to encourage me? Please?

Ah well, just play like a puppy in the snow while you still can, pretending you don’t feel the cold and sip some hot chocolate in a corner when the day has ended. When it comes to snow I can be pretty pathetic, but as long as I’ll get spoiled with warmth afterwards I can deal with anything, really.

P.S.: Hot chocolate cappuccino with whipped cream and marshmallows… Yummm!


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