Food Diary: 5th of February, 2012

Some time ago a friend told me about how a few girls posted on a forum what they ate each day, to encourage themselves and others to continue dieting and thus to lose weight. What I didn’t tell my friend that time was that this whole concept wasn’t new to me and it was something I had previously made some attempts to. To keep a strict food diary was something in which I failed pretty much, but to ‘diet’, which I’d rather call ‘eat healthier and less’, was something I did do. Not necessarily to lose weight, but to just feel more comfortable.

Today I want to start with a food diary again! Let’s see how healthy I actually eat and if I can improve it. Of course it would be logical to also keep up how much I work out each day, but that would be an embarrassment, so I’ll tackle that problem some other time. Let’s just start with food and drinks, physical exercise will come later.

P.S.: I’ll just keep editing this post with my food intake until the day is over. Maybe there’ll be some posts after (probably not, but hey, you never know), but in that case, just scroll past them. Not very hard, no?

One whole-wheat mini-baguette with one slice of ham and half a slice of fatless cheese.
– One whole-wheat mini-baguette with sardine
– A cube of dark chocolate (so one cube of a whole bar of chocolate)
– Pasta with tomato sauce and minced meat
– Mixed salad with lettuce, cucumber, pickles, corn and pickled onion
– An apple
– Two puffed rice cakes
– A slice of whole-wheat bread with ham, half a slice of fatless cheese and cucumber slices

– A mug of café au lait with unsweetened soy milk and sweetener
– Two mugs of apple cinnamon tea
– Three mugs of apple cinnamon tea with a dash of unsweetened soy milk (because I’m afraid of creating kidney stones)
– A glass of orange juice

It’s the first time for me to drink this apple cinnamon tea, as I had bought it just this Friday, and it tastes delicious! Do try it if you haven’t already.


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